Gym Classes

Gym Class

Take Our Stretching Class To Improve Your Sport Fitness

Come and join the fun in one of our many classes for kids, athletes, and adults. Chandler All Stars is based in Dalton, Georgia, with a newly renovated facility. Unless otherwise indicated, all of our classes are $80 a month for a weekly 45-minute class or $40 a month for a biweekly class.

Back Handspring Only

Athletes will work on connecting round-off back handspring on the floor. Drills and stations are used for perfecting standing back handsprings on the floor.

Standing Tuck Only

Athletes work on standing back tucks. Drills, stations, and conditioning are used to perfect their technique and gain the strength needed to execute a tuck.

Ground Stunt

Students will use the balance beam and stunt stand in this class. We'll work on perfecting the ability to pull and hold body positions.

Group Stunt

Progress through the levels on a multi-base group. We are capping this class at six students.

Stretch Class

We’ll teach athletes a sport fitness routine using momentum and active muscular effort to build strength. This involves stretching muscles to their farthest point and holding that position. They’ll have a partner in class or work with the instructor to stretch your muscles.

Tiny Cheer

This introduction to cheerleading is great for beginners. We’ll teach drills and stations to focus on learning a front walkover and back walkover, and a round off. Students also begin to work on drills for a back handspring. This class is $60 for four classes in one month. It includes:

  • Tumbling
  • Motions
  • Jumps
  • Stunts

Mommy & Me

This is the perfect class for mommy and child to interact together and with the group. This is the only class of its kind in the area. It is $60 a month for four Mommy and me classes in one month.

Competitions & Expeditions

Soon we’ll be offering competitions and expeditions at our facility with a choreography camp. The classes start at $60 and go up to $120 a month. One of our staff members is a certified judge for competitions.